Flashing or Non-flashing Agricultural Panel
The Agricultural Sandwich Panel PERFIMUR is manufactured through a continuous production process using the most modern technologies used in farms and breeding centres, responding to the needs of protection against aggressive atmospheres, chemical and bacteriological agents of animal origin. The Agricultural Sandwich Panel is formed by an inner layer made of polyester reinforced by fibreglass and an outer layer made of polyester based (silicone polyester or PVDF) pre-lacquered steel. In the middle, an insulation core made of rigid polyurethane foam is injected and expanded in a controlled manner, giving the sheet a great solidity thanks to the excellent adhesion of polyurethane to metallic parameters and the polyester layer.
Depending on what kind of sheet we are working with, it is fixed through screws hidden by the flashing made for such purposes or through exposed fixing. In both the flashing and non-flashing panel, a full water-resistance is guaranteed because it avoids the entrance of water, even by capillarity.
PERFIMUR uses high-quality pre-lacquered steels. Steel galvanized sheet Z225 by zinc immersion (Sendzimir process), S/N EN1042 and DX51D quality of 0.5 mm thickness and pre-lacquering covering depending on needs (polyester, plastisol, PVDF, etc.).
Minimum roof pitch of 5% for covers without flap. Minimum 7% for covers with flap.
Panel basic data
Useful width 1.000 mm
Maximum length 15.000 mm
Polyurethane density 40 Kg/m3
Nominal thickness 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 80 mm
Maximum thickness in crests 33 mm (2G) / 40 mm (3G) /
Panels Weight
Type of panel 2G 3G 2G 3G 2G 3G 2G 3G 2G 3G
Panel thickness (mm) 30 40 50 60 80
Weight (Kg/m2) 6,16 6,01 6,71 6,56 7,05 6,90 7,45 7,30 8,25 8,10
Thermal properties
Type of panel 2G 3G 2G 3G
Thickness (mm) K (Kcal/m2 x h x C) K (W/m2 x C)
30 0,52 0,51 0,60 0,59
40 0,41 0,40 0,48 0,47
50 0,34 0,32 0,40 0,38
60 0,29 0,28 0,34 0,33
80 0,23 0,22 0,27 0,26

Mechanical properties

2 corrugated sheets 3 corrugated sheets
2 supports 2 supports
2 corrugated sheets 3 corrugated sheets
4 supports 4 supports
Perfiles Murcia S.A. reserves the right to change the characteristics when needed for its improvement. The data presented are not warranty conditions, due to the existent resistance in raw materials.
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