PERFIMUR offers to clients that request it natural lighting systems. For covers installed with a sandwich panel, PERFIMUR also offers channel glass polycarbonate with an exclusive fastening system for our panels and polyester dual-platter systems.
Channel glass polycarbonate
Channel glass polycarbonate system for flashing cover panels. PERFIMUR have channel glass polycarbonate panels with a fastening system for panels through an exclusive staple for its flashing sandwich panels. This skylight system avoids polycarbonate drilling with fixing screws, allowing a greater lighting durability and guaranteeing full water-resistance.
A different double polyester design is presented for each kind of cover panel.

Double polyester system for “Perfimur flashing cover panel”

Double polyester system for “Perfimur non-flashing cover”

Note: For ordering a double polyester system a minimum order of 200m2 is needed. A less quantity order must be on request.
Perfiles Murcia S.A. reserves the right to change the characteristics when needed for its improvement. The data presented are not warranty conditions, due to the existent resistance in raw materials.
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