Perfimur Facade visible fixing
PERFIMUR facade visible fixing panels are manufactured through a continuous production process using the latest technology. The sandwich panel is formed by a double outlined metallic face wall, inside which a core of polyurethane foam acting as a thermal insulating is injected and expanded. This provides it with a great solidity thanks to the excellent polyurethane adherence to metallic parameters, due to a special treatment (corona effect plus controlled heating) that steel sheets receive.
This panel is fixed by self-tapping screws that remain visible. That is how a self-supporting panel is created.
PERFIMUR uses high-quality pre-lacquered steels. Steel galvanised sheet Z225 by zinc immersion (Sendzimir process) S/N EN 1 0142 and DX51D quality of 0.5 mm thickness and pre-lacquering covering depending on needs (polyester, Plastisol, PVDF, etc.).
Panel used in self-supporting vertical closing and sheds. Great speed of assembly.
Panel basic data
Useful width 1.000 mm
Maximum length 15.000 mm
Polyurethane density 40 Kg/m3
Nominal thickness 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 mm
Panels weight
Panel thickness (mm) 30 40 50 60 80
Weight (Kg/m2) 9,75 9,95 10,35 10,75 11,15
Thermal properties
Thickness (mm) K (Kcal/m2 x h x C) K (W/m2 x C)
30 0,51 0,59
40 0,43 0,50
50 0,35 0,41
60 0,29 0,34
Mechanical properties
2 supports
3 supports
Perfiles Murcia S.A. reserves the right to change the characteristics when needed for its improvement. The data presented are not warranty conditions, due to the existent resistance in raw materials.
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